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Elite Penguin Force
Operation Puffle Emoticons EPF.png
Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready.
Founded Unknown
Closed No
Status Active
Leader The Director
Headquarters "EPF Command Room"
Alias(es) EPF

The Elite Penguin Force (or EPF) is a secret society that keeps the Pengur Island safe..



Name Code Name Position Notes
Aunt Arctic The Director of The EPF Founder and director Was also the Director of the PSA
Gary the Gadget Guy Agent G Tech Lead, EPF Gadget Inventor. One of the original PSA and EPF agents
Jet Pack Guy Jet Pack Guy Tactical Lead One of the original PSA Agents
Paige Agent PH Puffle Trainer One of the original EPF Agents
Rookie Agent Rookie Comm. Lead, Public Relations Officer
Dot the Disguise Gal Agent D, Dot Stealth Lead One of the original EPF agents


Name Species Major Crimes Status
Herbert P. Bear Polar Bear Destroying the PSA with the popcorn bomb of 2010, and once again during Operation: Blackout on 2012. Unknown
Klutzy Crab Accidentally invaded the EPF mainframe when he thought it was a video-game. Unknown
Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 Robot Came close to destroying the island during the Future Party of May, 2014. Unknown
Wheel Bot Robot Stealing things from around the island, creating the Protobot, attacking EPF systems Inactive
Snow Bot
Jet Bot
Tusk Walrus Creating an infinitely regenerating army of snow minions. Active
Scorn the Dragon King Dragon Almost overthrew Club Penguin in 2012 Concern
Classified Classified Classified Information Active; At large