Pengur Wikia

Mini-games could be found across Pengur island, players can earn coins in a mini-game to purchase item from catalogs. Some puffles can participate in some minigames and help player to earn points or give extended game play.

List of mini-games

-Aqua Grabber

-Astro Barrier

-Bits And Bolts

-Bean Counters

-Catchin' Waves

-Cart Surfing


-Card-Jitsu Fire

-Card-Jitsu Water

-Card-Jitsu Snow

-Dance Contest

-Find Four

-Ice Fishing

-Hydro Hopper

-Jet Pack Adventure

-Pizzatron 3000

-Puffle Launch

-Puffle Roundup

-Sled Racing

Puffles in mini-games

Red Puffle - Catchin' Waves, helps the player to earn some points

Black Puffle - Cart Surfing. helps the player to gain more balance when making turns

Purple Puffle - Dance Contest. helps the player to earn some points

Pink Puffle - Aqua Grabber. gives the player air bubbles in the game.