Pengur Wikia

A player card.

Each player on Pengur has their own personal player card. This contains the name of the player and their penguin image. It can be accessed by clicking on a player, or clicking the player card button on the chat bar.


All player cards have a picture of that player's penguin and the player's name at the top of the card. When a player opens their own player card, it will show the amount of stamps and coins they currently own and allow the player to select different clothing items for their penguin. They can also open up their Stamp Book. Clothing items can be accessed by the tab on the right side of the player card, and clothing items can be removed by clicking on the clothing item on the penguin.

Icons Bar

When viewing another penguin's player card, the inventory button, amount of coins and amount of stamps are missing. Instead, the player can find an icons bar at the bottom with various options, each having their own use:

  • Sending a Friend Request. (or removing a friend)
  • Retrieving the player's current location. (if they are currently friends with the given player)
  • Going to the player's igloo. (The player must be friends with the given player or the given player must have their igloo unlocked)
  • Sending a Postcard.
  • Viewing their Stamp Book.
  • Ignoring/Unignoring a player
  • Reporting a player