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Rookie is a Mascot on Pengur. He is the Comm leader of the Elite Penguin Force.


  • He had to take the Secret Agent Test 44 times.
  • According to the EPF game System Defender, Rookie hates SPAM, has a collection of Fish Recipes stored on the EPF mainframe, and somehow speaks crab language.
  • He discovered orange puffles. This means he, PH and Rockhopper have all discovered at least one species.
  • Rookie has never been seen without his sunglasses on, except on the Rookie Anvil background.
  • Rookie owns a pet rock.
  • Rookie thinks Jet Pack Guy is very awesome, and considers him one of his best friends.
  • Rookie stated that he is afraid of clowns (Coulrophobia)
  • Rookie says his real name is "too silly to say"; this implies that Rookie is not his real name and is only his rank.
  • Rookie has glued his hat to his head so he doesn't lose it.